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The following links are websites, forums and blogs I enjoy visiting. Some are vendors websites and others are informational while others feature a place to put your work and hope for visitors and sales!

Wikipedia article about me!


Impressionism: The Story of a Grand Revolt.

My video production about the French Impressionist Movement in the latter part of the 19th century.


 Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions

 sponsor of Wikigallery.org

This is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in art. I am listed in the Resource pages!

I am also listed in their sister websites here: http://www.frida-kahlo-foundation.org/links.html

and here: http://www.toulouse-lautrec-foundation.org/links.html

This is where I work. I am on the faculty and I served as the Art Curator of the Gallery for four years. I resigned in 2014 to make more time for my own artwork.

Greeting Cards for 12-Step groups and individuals, designed by Gainor Roberts www.recoverycards.biz


National League of American Pen Women (Tampa Branch)

(National) www.nlapw.org/

North Tampa Arts League

North Tampa Arts League is an art club I belong to www.northtampaarts.com

Artist Supplies in Tampa

AOE Art Supply, Temple Terrace, Florida. Will mail order art supplies. This is the only professional art supply store in Tampa!


Robert Genn is a Canadian artist with a huge website. He writes on topics ranging from philosophy to selling you artwork. Get his bi-weekly letter emailed to you. Very worth doing for artists and art lovers. You can also post your work on his site.
Update: Robert died in 2014 after a battle with cancer and his blog is now being written by his daughter, Sara, who is just as interesting as her father.


Fine Art America is a wonderful website. Here you can get Giclée Reproductions of your artworks and they will do all the work and handle the sales. I ordered one and it was pretty good. You can get a website for about $30 per year and cultivate buyers from around the globe.

A great source for pigments and paint. Here is where to go if you want to buy paint that Rembrandt used, or you want to buy some very unusual and rare pigments and supplies for Egg Tempera. This website’s owner is an expert on color, pigments and paint. www.naturalpigments.com

Buy pigments from deposits in the mountains of southern France. These pigments are gorgeous!

The Society of
Tempera Painters

This website and forum is a must visit for anyone interested in learning how to do Egg Tempera paintings. The forum is fascinating and very informative and there are demonstrations and articles about how to make paint, panels, and work in ET, as well as suppliers and vendors. You will learn almost all you need to know about Egg Tempera here. www.eggtempera.com/

This is a blogsite of my cousin who is a brilliant and talented lady in California who makes drawings of birds from life. Her drawings are amazing. A lifelong birder, she has over 700 birds on her lifelist! this is a fantastic achievement to those of us who love birds but can barely see them let alone identify them from their chirps. http://www.magpienest.org/birdbybird/

This is another art group I belong to, which gives me very nice exhibition opportunities



Greatest American Painters

If you like art, especially American art, this is a wonderful resource for browsing. This is purely pictorial, no bios of the artists, but you can find more with an online search. Here are thousands of artists who are unknown and who are incredible painters who deserve better than what they got. http://americangallery.wordpress.com/

James Gurney is the author/illustrator of the Dinotopia books. His blog has an amazing number of posts about everything that interests me in the art world. He is insightful and far reaching in his interests and writes beautiful posts to his blog. http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com/


By Charley Parker

Charley Parker lives in the greater Philadelphia area, and often writes about local art events. Since I know the area well he often writes about stuff that intrigues me. His blog is about everything art related and is amazing! Investigate him and subscribe to his blog. http://www.linesandcolors.com

Over the years I have put together a booklet or monograph to help my students understand how to approach various subjects and methods. They are: The Six Stages of Painting, Understanding the Basics of Drawing, Understanding Drawing, A Modern Approach to Egg Tempera, Meditations in Watercolor and Pastel Painting and Drawing. They are for sale to anyone who is interested.

Booklets and Monographs


This is a part-time occupation for me to help mostly senior members of my community to deal with their new computers. Occasionally I am called to help someone with a QuickBooks or Publisher problem but most of the time people need to figure out where their start button went.


This is a website for my classes at Carrollwood Cultural Center. The schedule of my upcoming classes, as well as a brief description of what I teach in each of them. Additionally, each class has quite a few articles that I have written over the years, (some are outdated now!) But many are quite relevant but I put them here because it is too expensive to hand them out to people who just aren’t very interested.  www.classesbygainor.com

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