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When you buy one, or more, of my paintings or drawings using the PayPal “buy now” button, the shipping is NOT included in the price. You will be billed for the shipping separately when I receive your order and pack the artwork. I will send you an acknowledgement and we can discuss the details of how you want the artwork to be shipped. Normally you would choose the most economical way, but priority and faster shipping methods are available. When the package is ready to be shipped I will send an invoice, and upon payment your artwork will be on its way to you.

If you change your mind, and find that the artwork you bought isn’t right, or you simply don’t like it, I will give you a full refund, or credit, on the price of the painting, but not the shipping. You will send it back to me, with no questions asked. I will give refunds up to 30 days after I am notified that the shipment was delivered to you.

Artwork is always subject to looking different in real life. The Internet and computers are wonderful tools, but total fidelity is difficult, if not impossible, with varying monitors and Internet services. What I see on my computer and monitor may look totally different on yours.

I frame most of my paintings and drawings. The frames are not of the highest quality because I find that many people want to get a local framer to put on a better frame, and use UV glass to protect artwork under glass. These things are somewhat costly, but worth the price in the end, but for me it is out of reach financially so I finish most of my work with acrylic panels (same type used in storm doors), and frames that are chosen for price as well as looks. Some paintings are called Gallery Wrapped and this means that the canvas goes around the edges, and the painting is carried around the edge. They can be framed if desired but it is not necessary. A few of my paintings have black satin ribbon attached to the edges to hide the staples that hold the canvas in place.

If you want to see a jpg of the painting with its frame send me an email at gerinzhills@gmail.com and I will send you a photo.

If you want to do your own framing I will negotiate a discount and take off the frame, which will also be less money to ship the work, as the frames are often much heavier than the painting.