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Oil on canvas            18 x 24         c. 1964

I wonder if this painting will ever be found. It disappeared (it was probably stolen) from a New York Gallery. It was done, most likely, in one of Brackman’s classes in Connecticut, so it would have been between 1959-1964. When I was at the Art Students’ League I often visited my old Psychology Professor, Hal Wells, who owned a coffee shop on 56th street. He asked me to have a show of my paintings there, and it was a big deal for me, as it was my first solo show. The owner of a gallery down the street came in for coffee every afternoon and we struck up conversations, and he invited me to bring some paintings to his gallery…a very elegant place just off 5th avenue.

I moved back to Connecticut, life moved on, and I was now married and working to pay mortgages, cars and food, so painting was very much on the back burner, although not entirely out of my life. I barely recalled that I had left several paintings with that gallery, until I received a very official letter, registered mail, which required signatures and identification, from the New York State Court.

The owner had died, leaving no will or heirs, and all the paintings in his gallery were now under the control of the State of New York. I was advised to be at a certain address in New York City to collect my work, on a certain day, within only a two hour window. I arrived at the correct time and place, to find two of the three paintings I had left there, and the lady in charge could not find my other painting, and determined that it must have been sold, although no records of a sale were found. I figured someone from the State of New York liked my painting and made off with it, as there were not many controls over any of this, nor did anyone care about the gallery owner, or his artwork collection.

I apologize for the poor quality of this photograph. It was taken before I knew it would be my only record and I didn’t keep good records back then. I have a fantasy that some day I’ll see a TV show where this painting is part of the set, having been floating around the second hand stores in Manhattan for years, waiting for the right set decorator to show up.


50+ Years Ago!