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My training as an artist comes from the Impressionist method of building a canvas and utilizes their theories as well. Obviously my aim is not to redo Monet and Pissarro, but to use their ideas and methods to create my own unique vision of the world, hopefully reflecting a contemporary approach to painting which includes  more than a century of art revolutions and upheavals; cubism, abstract expressionism, pop art, minimalism, surrealism, and so on, all of which go into my brain and come out, hopefully, as something different from the ideals of my predecessors. To view my Power Point presentation of “Impressionism: A Grand Revolt” click here

I am rooted in realism but seek the abstract composition. I am in love with color and try to think in color rather than translate into the names of the tube colors. I am drawn to paint nearly everything I see and experience, and am constantly frustrated by the lack of time, energy, and money, to literally paint everything.

I was fortunate to take several workshops with Aaron Shikler at Lyme Academy of Fine Arts. Shikler is not an Impressionist, and is more of a classical realist painter, although his work is loose and lush. Here is a link to his page on American Gallery.


I learned many things from him; how to work on a toned ground, how to be conscious of the highlights in the eyes in a portrait (he said they would always be painted too high in value and the sparkle would knock you out), and how to underpaint an area of the painting, like a red shirt for example, with Cremnitz White.

I love to work in oil paint. My style, and my personality, asks for paint that I can push around, working wet into wet. I can infuse the work with loads of color and oil paint allows me the luxury of making changes and the flexibility of a forgiving medium. Sometimes I use the methods I learned from Shikler but more often I return to the methods of the Impressionists that I learned from Brackman.

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